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Rechargeable Table Lamp

$36.99  & FREE Shipping

HUGOAI cordless table lamp comes with inbuilt 4000mAh rechargeable battery - up to 60Hours with the light always on at minimum brightness. It keeps kids away from hidden dangers of electric cords and provides professional lighting with a stable light source. 


Cordless Lamp with Tunable Whites and Vibrant RGB Colors

Portable and Rechargeable

Stepless Dimming Brightness

Always Remembers Your Last Setting

Night Light Mode & FCC/ ETL Certified

2000K/3000K/4000K + 16 Million Colors
02-材质+色温 1500x1500.jpg
Technical Specifications:

Model: HG03

Wattage: 5W

Battery Capacity: 4000mAh

Charging Time: 4~5 Hrs

Running Time: 3.5Hrs-60Hrs

Luminous Flux: 450lm@4000K

CCT/Color: 2000K->3000K->4000K / 16 Million Colors

Dimension: 4.3'' X 4.3'' X 8.3''

customer reviews:

I’m absolutely in love with this lamp, not only is it beautiful but it has so many color options! You can set any mood that your heart desires.. for such a small lamp. The Brightest setting is enough to brighten up my whole 12 x 12 bedroom! Unbelievable value! One of my favorite Amazon purchases ever.                                           from Barbara

after buying two of the identical led lamps but with wifi, this is a much better device. it does not rely on constant power support or wifi connection. you can bring it with you for a nice walk outside or bring it with you in the car on a road trip. the battery last for a very long time. now if they could make one like this but add the wifi function they can be lights setup for a party and have it set to cycle switch colors. this is a great device especially for younger kids you wouldn't trust with super bright flash light or cellphones, that can damage your eyes.            from radaa

I love this lamp. My bedroom has no light fixtures. It brightens my whole room. I can dim it or change the color. I charge during the day, so when I get home no need to have it plugged in.                                               from Sheva

I love this lamp! Truly! I bought it on a whim looking for an adjustable lamp to use to study while my son was sleeping. You can easily change the brightness using the dial on top. I turn it all the way low and use the warm tone when we’re sleeping. It’s the perfect little night lamp. When studying I can turn it to bright white and turn it up and am able to effectively get my work done while he sleeps. It was a great price for being as versatile as it is. I have a few kittens that have knocked it off my desk on multiple occasions and it doesn’t have a mark on it! I also love that once it’s charged you can unplug it and take it anywhere. When the power was out one time this thing was a life saver!                                                                                                                                          from Richael

I was skeptical at first i mean how good could a rechargeable lamp be? This thing is amazing I only have two plugs in my room so choices are limited i mean its either overload withpower bars or find another solution so when i seen this lamp I wanted it. Its worth it and charges just like you would your cell phone with a type C charger!                                                                                                                                                                            from Mary

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