How to Get Started and Set Up HUGOAI Smart Lamp and App

How to set up my smart table lamp?

Step One: Install the Smart Life app and register an account.

1.Download the latest version of “Smart Life” app from the Apple Store/ Google Play Store.

2.Open the Smart Life app, tap “Register” and follow the on-screen prompts to create your Smart Life account.

NOTE: find more app information on: https://smartapp.tuya.com

Step Two: Prepare the Lamp for Connection

1.Connect the lamp to power supply and press the Power Button to turn it on.

2.You will see the indicator flashing quickly in green, which means that the lamp is ready to be connected.

3.If there is no flashing green light, please press the Timer button for more than 15 seconds until the flashing green light appears.


Step Three: Add the Lamp to Smart Life

1.Tap “+” on the right top corner of the user interface.

2.Tap “Lighting” and then select the “Lighting(Wi-Fi)”. Please do not select “Bluetooth” and “ZigBee”.  

3.Enter your WIFI password and you will see the connecting progress of the Lamp.

NOTE: The HUGOAI lamp only works with 2.4GHz band WIFI.

4.Wait till the prompt “Add successfully” appears and the lamp will appear in your Smart Life app.

NOTE: If you have trouble setting up the lamp, please email us at support@hugo-ai.com. We will help you get through the connecting process.


How to control the lamp with Alexa/Google Assistant?

1.Before you get started to connecting the lamp with Alexa/Google Assistant, please make sure:

  • You have set up the Lamp, including assigning a name to it. An easy-to-understand name will help you connect to the controller much more easily.

  • The lamp connects to the same wireless network with the third-party controller.

2.Open the app of Alexa/Google Assistant and follow its instructions to add the lamp .

3.You can also find a detailed instruction in Smart Life app.

Open “Smart Life”- Select the lamp-Tap          from the top right corner - Tap the logo of Alexa/Google Assistant.

Why the lamp indicator turns red?

The red light indicates that the lamp is disconnected with the network. Please check your WIFI and make sure that the lamp is in good connection with network. Usually, the red light will stop in about 2 minutes and then the status of lamp on the app will be “offline”. When the network is back up, the lamp will reconnect automatically.

Can I control this lamp with a wall switch? Or do I have to press the power button to turn it on?

You have to press the power button to turn it on. This design is for safety purpose.
And for this smart table lamp, you can control it with Alexa, Google Assistant or via your Smart Life App or IFTTT with other smart devices .

Does this support local touch control at the same time as app/assistant control?

Using the buttons will not disconnect it from your smart devices. You can turn it off and on and change color with any of the control options without preventing any of the other control options from working. 

Is it a corded or cordless lamp?

This table lamp is not equipped with a rechargeable battery and has to be connected to a power supply when in use.

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