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Basic Table Lamp

$35.99  & FREE Shipping

HUGOAI table lamp adopts a professional optical structure and top-quality LED elements, which ensure a stable light source and vibrant RGB colors with flicker-free illumination and long service time.


Bedside Lamp with Tunable Whites and Vibrant RGB Colors

Stepless Dimming Brightness

4 Color Ambiance Cycle Modes

Always Remembers Your Last Setting

Night Light Mode & FCC/ ETL Certified

2000K/3000K/4000K + 16 Million Colors
Technical Specifications:

Model: HG01

Wattage: 6W

Adapter Input: 100-240V/AC 50/60HZ

Adapter Output: 5V/1A

Luminous Flux: 450lm@4000K

CCT/Color: 2000K->3000K->4000K / 16 Million Colors

CRI Ra: >80, Ra:>90@2000K/3000K

Dimension: 4.3'' X 4.3'' X 8.3''

customer reviews:

This is probably a perfect bedside lamp but I also use this as my desk lamp right now. Its super portable and works with USB type C which connects perfectly with all my other tech stuff so its a pretty convenient lamp. The material isnt the most premium but i like its simplistic design and power output. It has a dial you can switch the power level on which i like. (yes comes with a usb type c charger)                                                                              from William

The control design of this lamp is well thought-out. There is a rotating dial on top of the unit that makes it really easy to dim or brighten the lumen output. On top of the lamp in the center, inside the rotating ring, is the on/off button. This makes it easy to finger find the button with your eyes closed (so you can stay sleepy), or in the dark, which is especially useful when the lamp is used for bedside lighting. Also welcome is the ability to easily change the overall color temperature of light from warm (red hue) to cool (white hue). You can also have the lamp blend or output the color between red, greed, or blue hues for the exact mood lighting you want.                            from KL

This is perfect. Small lamp but strong light, dimmer works great on the white color as for the rest of the colors they make the room look beautiful! My son has needed this as he moved in to his own room to sleep now.    from Nikki

In one word, I like it. The little lamp is really so good and fancy. The color could be changed to mangy type. It is really a good choice for bedrooms. You can use it when you are reading or watching TV. The intensity of the light could also be tuned. I strongly recommended it. It's much better than I expected.                                       from Bin

LOVE this lamp. Love it!! I have it plugged in on the desk in my room. I just walk over press the button on the top and boom light. It’s crazy bright for its size. It’s lights up the whole half of the room I’m in. There are different setting for warmer softer lights and then cooler toned brighter light or you can choose color changing setting. I bought this for my son and then got myself one too. He’s terrified of the dark and bedtime was a nightmare. All the night lights I found were not bright enough. I use this and he loves it.                                                from Jennifer 

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